Why don’t more Catholics Pray the Rosary?

Recently, I was asked an insightful question by someone of another faith, “Why do Catholics pay so much attention to the Blessed Mother?”

My response to the question left the individual very interested in learning more.  I gave him a brochure I was carrying on praying the rosary.  After the conversation, I was really left to ponder a different question, “Why don’t more Catholics pay more attention to the Blessed Mother?”

It was in this thought, that I base the 2016 strategic mission of the University of Our Lady of Grace.  That is, global education of the Blessed Mother.  I begin the strategic mission by asking for your help.  Please let me know what it is that is needed to educate more Catholics about the Blessed Mother?

I will be meeting today with my parish priest to discuss plans and ideas on how to raise awareness of the Blessed Mother and to promote praying the rosary.  Here are my ideas:

  • Invite guest speakers such as Fr. Gaitley
  • Ongoing Adult Formation with repeated readings annually of 30 Days to Morning Glory
  • Education of DeMontfort Spirituality
  • Begin Daughters of Wisdom
  • Invite students to sign-up for weekly rosary
  • Workshops on Praying the Rosary in Collaboration with the Knights of Columbus
  • Mini-Boot Camps on Rosary Education
  • Planning of Pilgrimages to Marion sites in the United  States and Beyond
  • Rosary baskets in the Narthex
  • Laminated Rosary Cards in Chapel Pews
  • Marian-Themed location in Narthex
  • Rosary for Families, and Ethic Groups
  • Petition Wall




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