Election 2016: Catholics Have a Write In Option Based on State Nomination Procedures

A Follow-up Message to Fellow Catholics on the 2016 Election: We have another option!

Written by Susan E. Israel, PhD, Founder and President of Coronation Institute

My fellow Catholics, we cannot simply say we are going to vote for a write-in candidate and do that. We need to take a risk and work together in solidarity for one write-in candidate whose name would then be placed on the write in for each of the 50 states. We have to work together to support another candidate who is more in line with the conservative values of the Republican Party. We have one more option other than not voting at all, voting for Hilary Clinton, or voting write-in. Write-in candidates can only be meaningful if the state procedures are followed.

In the words of Pope Francis in his homily addressed on his Apostolic Journey to Poland on the occasion of World Youth Day XXXI, the Holy Father reminds us to go where we are sent and to let love take risks.

“In other words, the life of Jesus’ closest disciples, which is what we are called to be, is shaped by concrete love, a love, in other words, marked by service and availability.  It is a life that has no closed spaces or private property for our own use, or at least there shouldn’t be.  Those who choose to model their entire life on Jesus no longer choose their own places; they go where they are sent, in ready response to the one who calls.  They do not even choose their own times.  The house where they live does not belong to them, because the Church and the world are the open spaces of their mission.  Their wealth is to put the Lord in the midst of their lives and to seek nothing else for themselves.  So they flee the satisfaction of being at the centre of things; they do not build on the shaky foundations of worldly power, or settle into the comforts that compromise evangelization.  They do not waste time planning a secure future, lest they risk becoming isolated and gloomy, enclosed within the narrow walls of a joyless and desperate self-centredness.  Finding their happiness in the Lord, they are not content with a life of mediocrity, but burn with the desire to bear witness and reach out to others.  They love to take risks and to set out, not limited to trails already blazed, but open and faithful to the paths pointed out by the Spirit.  Rather than just getting by, they rejoice to evangelize.”


In the 2016 Election for the President we have another option and it is called the write in. The process of the write in candidate needs attention in order for voters to say they are going to do that instead of voting for the two existing candidates. The rules for a write in candidate vary by state. The most important rule is that the write-in candidate for which one would vote would have had to filed the official paperwork to be in compliance with each individual state. For example, according to filing procedures in the state of Arizona, “a write in candidate for whom someone would write in would have to have done the following: No later than 40 days prior to the Primary or General Election, a write-in candidate must file all the documents that are required for other candidates, except nomination petitions. Candidates for federal offices are exempt from compliance with Arizona’s campaign finance and personal financial disclosure requirements.” http://www.azsos.gov/election/candidate/writein.htm

If you are reading this, I an not a politician.  I am just really good at generating ideas that might lead to better solutions based on the magisterium and Catholic Doctrine.  I would need some assistance in figuring out how to start a Call to a Write-in Candidate.  First, Who?  Second, that is the cause we could support. We cannot simply say that is what we are doing.  There are more steps than that, but I do not have the political expertise on that process.  That is where help is needed.

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