University of Our Lady of Grace was conceptualized in 2009 by Dr. Susan E. Israel.  Dr. Israel wanted the university to be guided by the practices and rich traditions of the Church with the heart stemming from the inspirations of the Blessed Mother.

University of Our Lady of Grace  was named after the Blessed Mother and her Coronation as Queen of Heaven and Earth.  In the Winter of 2013, Dr. Israel redefined

University of Our Lady of Grace  as an established institution in the state of Indiana to be known as the University of Our Lady of Grace.  The pathway to the University  was driven by perseverance and historical research on the establishment of a Catholic University as summarized below.

God, Philosophy, Universities: A selective history of the Catholic Philosophical Tradition by Alasadair MacIntyre (2009)

In this book, Dr. Israel realized the importance of integrating disciplines.

To whom then in such a university falls the task of integrating the various disciplines of considering the bearing of each on the others, and of asking how each contributes to the overall understanding of the nature of the order of things? p.16

Further research in this volume guided the thinking on the nature of virtues and those virtues we can achieve through intellectual development that respond to the needs of the Blessed Mother in today’s world and beyond.   Through the writings of St. Augustine we have learned to achieve self-examination and turn to within to seek knowledge and greater understanding of our total self.

Do not go abroad.  Return within yourself.  In the inward human being dwells truth.  To transcend ourselves we receive the grace to do so. p. 27

Striving for  moral and intellectual virtues can be done through knowledge and pursuit of self-understanding.  Intellectual inquiry through the lens of the Catholic faith is a means to God and a path to our salvation.

University of Our Lady of Grace began the examination of purpose in 2018 to further explore the role of how a university strives for moral and intellectual virtues through pursuit of knowledge from a global perspective.  This begins the foundational development of the University of Our Lady of Grace based on the previous structural development from a conceptual design to a concrete institution.


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