What is the mission of the University of Our Lady of Grace?

Pope Francis states, “How I would like a Church who is poor and for the poor.” The mission of the University of Our Lady of Grace is to support Catholic Education in all aspects of human potential, and through intellectual growth begin to address the issue of poverty through development, and focus on advancing literacy to learn about God.

What is the greater vision?

Seeds for the germination of The University of Our Lady of Grace started many years ago.  Dr. Israel began working toward a greater vision throughout her teaching career. At Notre Dame she worked for the Alliance for Catholic Education with Michael Pressley and Cathy Collins Block.  It was during these experiences from 2000 – 2003 she became committed to teacher service programs.   While at the University of Dayton, Dr. Israel commuted two hours there and back over the course of 2003 – 2007.  During this time she pondered why Hamilton County did not have a Catholic University. It was in 2009, Coronation Institute was established to provide literacy resources, professional development and educate parents and families.  Dr. Israel continued to offer literacy services to students and parents most in need.  Her work also included helping students graduate from College, mentor parents in literacy development, and assistance in guiding schools with literacy development.  Dr. Israel’s work at the University of Notre Dame working with Michael Pressley with the Alliance for Catholic Education continued to inspire her to create a new teacher service program that focused on training literacy teachers in the primary grades.

Dr. Israel continued to think about the need for a Catholic University in her home town of Fishers, Indiana, which is located in Hamilton County.  Hamilton County has been one of the fastest growing towns in America since 1988.  In 2015, the town of Fishers became a city.  The growing population and lack of a Catholic University in her home town where students, parents, and adults could have access to Catholic Education became Dr. Israel’s mission.

During the course of one’s life, God calls us to dig deep within ourselves.

In the fall of 2013, Dr. Israel sold many professional books thinking they would not be of use to her in the future.  This sale of books resulted in a total of $12.00.  It was this moment that Dr. Israel really did not know what she could possible do with so little money that could actually make a difference in God’s world.  She kept the money in her purse for several weeks until one morning around November, she decided she could use the money to build a school that would help others grow in faith and love to service God.  She took the $12.00 to Hamilton County Court and established the school in her hometown, Fishers, Indiana.

In November 2013 Coronation Institute  changed its name several other names until resting on University of Our Lady of Grace.  The University of Our Lady of Grace started to evolve as a research institution of Catholic Higher Education and began the formal process of establishment during the course of 2014 and 2015.  By 2018, the University of Our Lady of Grace has fully developed the foundational research to move into the next phase of development, which is working on the design of courses that integrate the teaching of the Magisterium, which meet the needs of populations worldwide.

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