Framework for Mission Statement

The mission statement of University of Our Lady of Grace  is guided by the primary goal to first love and serve God.  The components of the mission are influenced by the teachings of characteristics of Roman Catholicism.  Central to the evolution of the mission is an understanding of the integration of disciplines and knowledge.  From this core philosophy is the consideration of how each contributes to the overall understanding of the nature of the order of individual and personalized intellectual pursuit and the ability to serve God.

From this framework is a goal to achieve self-understanding, self-knowledge, and knowledge of God in doing so intellectuals look within.  Progress toward self-knowledge leads to intellectual virtue and to exercise this virtue is the mission outcome of the University of Our Lady of Grace.


University of Our Lady of Grace is to effect positive change on social conditions in communities by advancing educational resources to attain academic excellence and grow in Wisdom, knowledge, and faith to love and serve God relative to the teachings of the Blessed Mother.


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