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Dr. Susan E. Israel Makes Available Her Books For Free Online

Dr. Susan E. Israel author of more than 30 literacy books and spiritual books recently published two new books:  3:00 p.m.: Mercy to Grace Hour Prayer Guidebook and Loving Jesus Mary’s Way: A Spiritual Guidebook for Mothers.  These books are … Continue reading

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Election 2016: Catholics Have a Write In Option Based on State Nomination Procedures

A Follow-up Message to Fellow Catholics on the 2016 Election: We have another option! Written by Susan E. Israel, PhD, Founder and President of Coronation Institute My fellow Catholics, we cannot simply say we are going to vote for a … Continue reading

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Coronation Institute

After careful reflection and prayer, University of Our Lady of Grace will return to the name established in 2009; Coronation Institute.  The primary mission is dedicated to global education of the Blessed Mother, as well as help in providing wisdom … Continue reading

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How to Help More Catholics Pray the Rosary?

I am interested in knowing how I can help more Catholics Pray the Rosary.  What is it that Catholics need to learn about the Blessed Mother?  Please let me know your thoughts and respond to the poll.  This information will … Continue reading

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Why don’t more Catholics Pray the Rosary?

Recently, I was asked an insightful question by someone of another faith, “Why do Catholics pay so much attention to the Blessed Mother?” My response to the question left the individual very interested in learning more.  I gave him a … Continue reading

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Global Reading Alliance

Global Reading Alliance for Catholic Education (GRACE) is a literacy teacher-service program that specifically focuses on training literacy teachers who can advance reading and writing at the primary level. There is not only a Global need for exemplary reading teachers who specialize in literacy … Continue reading

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