University of Our Lady of Grace 

needs support for the development of programs dedicated to teaching about the Blessed Mother.  To help support University of Our Lady of Grace  you can sign up at Kroger through the community resource link and select University of Our Lady of Grace as the school of choice.  A percent of your grocery purchases will be donated to be used for resources to promote the Blessed Mother and to assist in support 0f program development.

Your support can help millions who are subject to poverty by no fault of their own. GRACE programs will reach and teach in the area of literacy within under-resourced communities globally. GRACE teachers will receive financial assistance to provide the education and instruction necessary to prepare as a literacy service teacher.

How You Can Help?

Charitable contributions can be mailed to:

University of Our Lady of Grace 

Dr. Susan E. Israel, 6475 Salem Drive, Fishers, IN  46038


1. GRACE STUDENTS: Fund a scholarship to prepare a GRACE teacher committed to serving God by teaching in under-resourced communities around the world.

2. University of Our Lady of Grace  needs support in guiding the technology of their innovative online institution by developing social media networks that enable literacy teachers to obtain instruction through technology frameworks.

3. Faculty: University of Our Lady of Grace provides access to the world’s best literacy professors. The program operates solely on experts who can provide mentor service and instruction. All members of the International Reading Hall of Fame who have dedicated their career to reading and writing. Expert literacy volunteers are needed to guide, instruct, and mentor the literacy teachers in the Masters and GRACE programs, as well as develop professional development opportunities online for all teachers.

4. Pray for Us:

Please pray for the success of the University of Our Lady of Grace by posting a prayer response and sharing the Home Page with your friends and family. Join the University of Our Lady of Grace  Rosary Prayer Group today and support the mission of the Institute through rosary and prayer.