GRACE is a literacy teacher-service program that specifically focuses on training reading teachers who can advance literacy at the primary level. There is not only a Global need for exemplary reading teachers who specialize in literacy but a call to help the poor in spirit at all levels. GRACE strives to train exemplary literacy teachers who serve in under-resourced literate communities globally.

GRACE is a unique distance education literacy teacher service program that provides specific training in how to teach reading and writing at the primary level. The program launches the first Cohort in Fall of 2015.  Literacy education training courses will be offered through Distance Education and in a hybrid format beginning with class training and hands-on teaching experience in Catholic schools of the teacher’s choice within their community.  After gradual release of training teachers are involved with continued specialized training in Cohort Groups for one semester along with online coursework, another semester in a primary classroom as a student teacher, until they enter the teacher-service program in under-resourced communities where they will be fully immersed teaching literacy in under-resourced Catholic Schools globally.

GRACE is a global teacher-service program that focuses on literacy, faith, and collaboration in community with the goal to serve God.

Cohort begins in Fall 2018 and are currently accepting applications. If you would like more information on GRACE, please submit an inquiry application below.

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