M.Ed. Program Summary

Summary of Distance Education Program

The M.Ed. Global Reading Alliance for Catholic Education program is guided by standards established by the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC), and International Reading Association Standards for Reading Teachers.


The program Global Reading Alliance for Catholic Education combines reading pedagogy with Catholic doctrine to prepare teachers who work in early childhood education and primary grades. In conjunction with the standards set forth by the International Reading Association, the M.Ed. Reading Alliance for Catholic Education focuses on guiding students to reflect on the following questions through courses taught in the Distance Education format:


Reading Knowledge Function Questions

How do I implement reading pedagogy into my curriculum?

What does current research say about oral language, alphabetic principle, phonemic awareness, and higher-level thinking?

What are stages of language development and reading acquisition and what can I do to facilitate growth?


Reading Instructional Strategies and Curriculum Questions

What are effective research-based strategies I can use today?

How do I respond to critical issues in reading?

What type of literature helps develop reading skills?


Reading Assessment, Diagnosis, and Evaluation Questions

How can I evaluate my beliefs about reading?

What reading assessments are appropriate to use with my students?

What should the goals of assessment be in reading instruction?


Reading Creating a Literate Environment Questions

What environmental factors influence reading?

How do I integrate components of reading first in literacy environments?

What types of home-school connections will enable higher-levels of reading achievement?


Reading Professional Development Questions

What elements should I focus on related to professional development goals?

What professional development resources will help me learn?