Overview of GRACE

Description of the Program

Coronation Institute, established in 2009, is offering a Masters in Education (M.Ed.) program that emphasizes Teacher as Leader in Reading. The hybrid program will be called Global Reading Alliance for Catholic Education. There is a need to offer Distance Education Programs to those seeking an advanced degree in reading education and pedagogy with emphasis on faith formation for Catholic school educators.

The purpose of the M.Ed. is designed for educators who seek an advanced degree specifically in the content area of reading and literacy instruction with emphasis in primary instruction. The program will prepare teachers to become highly qualified in the area of reading and literacy pedagogy and establish themselves as leaders at their respective schools globally. GRACE is based on a solid preparation in reading pedagogy, skills, and dispositions.

During the first semester of the program, students will complete the Distance Education required course work. In the first year of the teacher-service program, teachers’ work in full-immersion teaching in the Kdg-3 grade classrooms with supervision and guided mentors. During the second year of the teacher-service program teachers take over their own classroom and, students will also complete the advanced level courses in reading and faith through Distance Education.

The Global Reading Alliance for Catholic Education is designed to be completed in two years. Because of the nature of the program, transfer of graduate credits will be evaluated on an individual basis and under the discretion of program director and advisor. No more than 6 credit hours can be transferred. Students must complete the program once started or be readmitted following admission guidelines.