My bookstore will make available many of the books I have written for free. The purpose is to provide teachers with access to free materials that can assist them in their sprititual, professional, or personal growth.  I offer these books as pdf downloads that you may have permission to print and use as you wish.  I request that you also share this links with others so they can have access to my Free Publications.  With your help and through social media tools we can collaborate to form a spiritual, faith-based alliances guided toward the greater mission to improve literacy in under-resourced communities. The online campus culture supports an active professional-lifestyle on a limited budget.

University of Our Lady of Grace  Book Store Online FREE RESOURCES

Campus culture provides and challenges active readers to search for ways to follow their vocation to serve God.  Readers are challenged to think ethically and morally about literacy, while at the same time be involved in the greater mission to improve reading and writing in communities around the world.


FREE ebook:  3:00 P.M: Mercy to Grace Hour of Prayer Guidebook  three oclock book


FREE ebook:  Loving Jesus Mary’s Way  978_0_9827449_9_4_LovingJesus_IsraelFINAL

BVM print  Free ebook:  Gate to Heaven  Gate to Heaven080516

ASSFree eBook Metacognitive Assessments


shaFree eBook Shaping the Reading Field


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