Global Literacy

University of Our Lady of Grace  creates personalized online curriculum, which will meet the specialized global needs of society.  Committed to creating thriving literate communities and educate professionals to improve literacy around the world.

University of Our Lady of Grace  is a global online Catholic institution that accepts International students interested in advanced literacy educational training. Our diverse academic literacy programs integrate curriculum that is grounded in educating global teachers who desire to improve literacy around the world. University of Our Lady of Grace  is an ideal choice for those looking to specialize in literacy through the online curriculum or developing professionally.

Global Reading Alliance for Catholic Education (GRACE) provides resources by specializing in an individualized teacher-service program that trains primary grade teachers to serve in under-resourced Catholic schools globally.  University of our Lady of Grace will help you personalize your learning goals through literacy teacher preparation, research, and professional services to develop teachers who can guide global children, especially those from the poorest families, have the opportunity to obtain the gift of literacy at an early age of development and an excellent Catholic education.

Graduate students who desire to pursue advanced education and specialize in understanding the nature of global literacy education are invited to apply.

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